Overview and Mission


Spectral Energies, LLC (SE) was formed by scientists and engineers with extensive experience in the propulsion, sensors/diagnostics, and aerodynamics sectors.  This includes experience with a wide array of experimental and modeling techniques for reacting and non-reacting flows, and from subsonic to hypersonic velocities. Recently, SE has also expanded into research on nanoenergetics and nanomaterials. 

During these efforts, our scientists and engineers are encouraged to maintain the highest standards of scientific achievement and accountability, publishing in peer-reviewed journals, chairing technical symposia, and giving invited talks at national and international conferences. We are passionate researchers and strive through this research to achieve nothing less than game-changing breakthroughs in sensor and instrumentation technology.


It is the mission of Spectral Energies, LLC to develop, commercialize, and implement new sensor technologies for addressing critical challenges in the aerospace, transportation, defense, and energy sectors. This includes providing scientific research, engineering, and management consulting services and also helping to develop working partnerships with and among our clients in industry, academia, national laboratories, and other research and development firms.

The management of SE believes that the combination of product development, technology transition, and practical application at an affordable cost is essential for meeting customer needs and helping to address current and future grand challenges. They are determined to serve SE's clients while enabling the scientific creativity of its personnel to flourish in a cooperative professional environment.