Welcome to Spectral Energies, LLC !
Headquartered in Dayton, Ohio, Spectral Energies, LLC specializes in the development and application of cutting-edge experimental and modeling solutions in four primary technology areas: propulsion, sensors/diagnostics, aerodynamics, and materials.  Our commercialization efforts focus on customized solutions within these four technology areas, examples of which are described in the Products area of this site.  We also offer a number of research and development services that may suit your needs.  We encourage you to browse this site and contact us about working with our team.  We are eager to hear from you and learn how we can help you. Please contact us.

Summary of Technology Areas

Spectral Energies, LLC is solving 
problems in thermal-fluid,
 propulsion, and energy systems.  
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Spectral Energies, LLC is developing diagnostics and modeling 
in reacting and non-reacting flows  
using photonics, s
ensors, and numerical techniques.
PropulsionWe have experience developing and applying measurement systems for laboratories and test cells for gas-turbine combustors, afterburners, scramjets, rocket sprays, and pulse detonation engines. Applied research is supported by fundamental research in combustion, plasma dynamics, and fuels. 

Sensors/DiagnosticsWe have developed what we consider to be breakthrough technologies and fielded instruments for gas sensing, chemical speciation, thermometry, and velocimetry.  This includes spectroscopy, imaging, and fiber-optics. 

Aeorodynamics.  We have significant experience with measurements in wind tunnels, aero-optics, flow control, and noise/acoustics.  We have worked in test facilities varying from high-enthalpy impulse facilities to transonic and hypersonic wind tunnels.

Materials.  We are working to understand nanoscale materials through nonlinear optical techniques.